Choosing the right DJ for your wedding can make or break your special day as the music creates the whole vibe of your event. The soundtrack for your wedding reception will be created by the DJ that you choose. This is why it is important to find the right one.

There are certain pointers for finding that extra special disc jockey. Who will transform your reception venue into an enjoyable location for all your guests? These are some of the factors we will be highlighting in this article on how to choose a wedding DJ. Things like wedding DJ songs or how much DJs for weddings might cost are all addressed below.

The Average Price For Wedding DJ

The average wedding cost of a DJ is between $800 to $1500. The minimum DJ’s price is $500 while the maximum is $3000+. This is for DJ costs only, as other side toppings attract extra pay. The average wedding DJ price for a 4 or 5hr long wedding is between $450 to $1200. A professional DJ’s costs for a wedding are between $2000 to $3000+. This applies to DJs who are skilled and with years of experience on the job. They do it full-time and charge quite a bit high.

DJ’s who price below $600 are less experienced or DJ part-time. But couples steady spend between $400 to $2,200 on DJs, using Los Angeles, and New York as a case study. This will often depend on the length of the wedding and the DJ experience.

We advise that you apportion at least $900 to your DJ in your wedding budget. It prepares you against unforeseen circumstances.

Wedding DJ Cost Per Hour

The hourly average cost of the DJ for a wedding is between $100 to $300. Most DJs charge an hourly rate. But others insist on a minimum number of hours one must book with them. You should also check how much they charge for overtime, and other add-on offers.

Wedding DJ Cost Factors

The DJ is at a wedding to play more than ceremonial music. They are a lot of things at your wedding. From the master of ceremony to controlling the cocktail hour and keeping guests happy. This makes the average price for a wedding DJ well worth it. But this depends on a few factors.

  • The venue distance: A wedding venue that’s over an hour away will require an extra fee. DJ’s come with their equipment and all. They’d need to fuel their car, and also get accommodation. This is in case your wedding extends into the night. All these will come with the pricing.
  • Additional offers: Some DJs offer all-inclusive packages that cover every aspect of wedding music. If you use a venue that’s complete with all you need, then you’d pay less. On the reverse, things like karaoke, photo booth, dance floor lighting, fog machine, etc., will cost more.
  • Length of the wedding: This is important in determining the average DJ cost for the wedding. Asides the hours, the longer your wedding gets, the longer the time they’d have to play. And this affects the instruments, so they have to prepare them to stand the time. This will cost you extra.

10 Steps On How To Choose A Wedding DJ

  1. Research
    Do your research. Check out a list of DJs in your area online, their websites, videos, and song lists, and see what they have to offer. This will give you an idea of what’s out there, and where you should start.
  2. What do you want?
    Consider what you want. Are you looking for country music, classic, or RnB? Only certain DJs would have the particular style and ambiance you are looking to create. This should also help you narrow down your search.
  3. Have a face to face meeting
    Once you’ve decided on which DJ or DJs might be perfect for your day, have a meeting so you can connect, and respond to the slew of questions that you might have.
  4. Rate their experience
    The feedback you get from the DJ should give you an idea of how much experience they have in this area. Ask which events they have managed lately, how long they’ve been in the business, and what type of reviews they receive.
  5. Check out their equipment
    Equipment is vital in this line of work, and depending on the size of your venue, you’re going to want speakers that can accommodate it. So ask about the quality of their equipment and also ask to see them if possible.
  6. Make sure they understand your needs
    Be sure that they are attentive to your needs and requirements, and totally understand your concerns. If you meet with someone who seems distracted from you the customer, then they are definitely not the right fit.
  7. Do they have a backup?
    There should always be allowances for unforeseen circumstances. And since you want a hitch-free wedding, make sure to hire a DJ that has a backup. Ask what happens if there is a delay in traffic or if something suddenly goes wrong with their equipment.
  8. Check their music selection
    A good wedding DJ will have a collection of wedding playlists, so ask to see their wedding playlist. See if they truly have the type of musical coverage you are looking for.
  9. Any bundled services?
    Sometimes a bundled service means you get to pay less on certain other services for your event. If your wedding DJ provides other services such as videography or any other kind of entertainment. You could discuss this and get it at a better price than you might have elsewhere.
  10. Agree on a price
    Without this agreement, there is no service. So, make sure you have in mind the average cost of a wedding DJ, and that you are agreeing to a price within your budget.

Questions To Ask Wedding DJ

  • Are weddings your primary focus? At what locations have you performed before?

You want to be sure that they are primarily focused on weddings and that they know what it takes to properly entertain a wedding party. You want a wedding DJ, not a club DJ; those are completely different types of events.

Even if they don’t only perform at weddings, you want to be sure that they are well rounded enough to cater to different types of audiences.

  • How do you customize your song list for each couple? Can you provide new wedding songs?

Find a DJ who is attentive enough to understand your wants and the style you aspire to achieve for your wedding. With this, he can create a playlist that will work for each stage in your wedding reception without missing a beat.

He would know how to work around your do not play song list, to figure out which type of songs will be best for your event.

  • Can you make a visit to our chosen venue beforehand?

The size of a venue and even the location of the DJ widely impact the sound, and so a visit to the venue is important before the big day. You need a DJ who already knows how important this is and agrees off the bat to make a site visit beforehand to check out and understand the room’s acoustics.

  • Is a DJ automatically assigned to us, or do we have our choice of DJs to select from?

While discussing with the service company it is important to know which particular DJ you will be working with. To check out his style and compatibility with your requirements. You will want to discuss every item with him to be sure he covers the required skill set and necessary experience.

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