DJ prices and characteristics may vary depending on experience, quality of service, niche, professionalism, equipment, value and qualifications.

When searching for Disc Jockey services,  people want to find the best deals for their buck. One common mistake people make is to contact various DJ’s and ask “how much do you charge”? When your only concern is price, you are assuming that every DJ you contact has the same exact qualifications and experience, so the one that quotes you the lowest price has to be the best option.

Would you buy a used car without inspecting it or only based on a cheap price?…………………

Value vs Price

The problem with shopping around for prices alone, is that you don’t get to see the product you are buying until is too late. I’m not saying not to be concern with price, since budget is a big part of planning an event and every celebrant wants to get the best DJ/ Photo/ Video services possible, but when you shop around make sure you are comparing reputable companies; Compare “apples to apples”. Most women, when they shop for clothe, try on many different outfits because each outfit has something unique they like. They look in the mirror to see if the clothe they are buying is a perfect fit, and inspect it to see if it has any defects or imperfections. The same approach should be taken when shopping around for an entertainment company to be able to weed-out the DJs who download some illegal songs, buy a laptop and consider themselves professional DJs. When comparing prices, be certain that you are dealing with a reputable and Professional DJ Company and not an amateur, after all, this may be one of the most important days of your life and you want to get the right entertainment service.

Some company quotes are based on how many hours a DJ is performing and others are based on packages or a combination of both. Regardless of what the method is, which you should become familiar with, you should be able to differentiate your options by comparing the “value behind the pricing”. Which company is including what you desire/need in their price, and what are you getting for you buck. Keep in mind that not every DJ has the same qualifications and every professional has a specific niche they excel at. A club DJ may not be the best option to host a wedding because he/she may not be familiar with the top wedding songs or the programming involved in a wedding. The best approach, overall, to filter your options when considering quotes is to make appointments and meet with companies in person. By doing this, you get the chance to meet with the DJ who will be performing at your event and be able to inspect the equipment that is going to be used at your affair. This is another reason why shopping or calling for a price quote alone is not practical. Ultimately, its vital that you see your DJ perform live. You don’t book a Photographer without looking at their work. I’ve heard stories where DJ’s give out flawless demos (CDs) but while performing at their event, their mixes are nowhere near how the demo sounded. The best way to determine if a DJ is the “best match” for you, is to see him/her perform in front of you. We, at DnA Entertainment, provide a live demo with every one of our packages to ensure satisfaction and compatibility. We’ll gladly give you a quote once we know we are a perfect match.

Remember that price shopping is ideal when comparing features on the same refrigerator at two different stores, but not when comparing entertainment services. Most shoppers will agree that “the cheapest price never translates quality” and quality, not quantity, is what should matter when booking an entertainment company for your once in a lifetime event.

We hope this can help you determine the best match for you, and we look forward to giving you a personalized quote. Contact us for more details.

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