Okay ladies, we’re human. We make mistakes and usually, it’s no big deal. When it comes to planning a wedding, mistakes cost us valuable time, money and peace of mind. Here are some blunders that you will do well to avoid.

Reading every sappy bridal column to your soon-to-be husband

We don’t live in the age of the dinosaurs anymore. There are a number of sweet men who desire to help with planning a wedding that shows a little masculinity along with the pink tutus’. However, we all have a limit to how much we can handle. Compromise with your man and focus on the kind of celebration you and your fiance want, and not the one other people expect you to have. It’s simple to diffuse what could be an imminent conflict. Choose a night each week that you dub as “no wedding talk.” Go out for a nice meal and talk about anything BUT planning a wedding. He’ll be thrilled to see that he isn’t marrying a bridezilla, and that the girl he fell for still exists. Put extra effort in not neglecting you man.

Two months left and you realize that aqua isn’t a good color for you

In the initial planning phase, you decided that you wanted aqua, black and silver for your wedding colors. Now you’ve decided that aqua makes you look pale so you just can’t have all that around you in the pictures. You’re not stuck! Believe it or not, this is a simple fix so don’t go ballistic on everyone. Just ask for help and add some minor adjustments. For bridesmaids, just add a sash in a color you can live with. Flowers? You’ll be amazed at how minor adjustments can change the whole look of your arrangements. Check any contracts you’ve signed as you may need to pay small fees for these adjustments, but your happiness is worth it. And remember that at the end of the day, you will be married to the man of your dreams…not your flower arrangements.

Implementing the wedding day diet

When planning a wedding, how many of us find the perfect gown…then realize it’s not exactly a good fit for our body structure? The plan then becomes: “I’ll order it 2 sizes smaller and crash diet so I can get into it without any bulges. Does it work? NO! A better plan is to commit to healthy eating and exercise. The wedding day diet or handcuffing yourself to the Total Gym is only going to end in tears…followed by a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s. Instead, find a gown that you adore and then order it in the correct size (that’s the size you are when you try it on!). If you decide to take the healthy route and end up toning up or losing a few extra pounds, you can always have the gown altered. Your man asked you to marry him as you are…he loves you for you!

Do-It-Yourself planning

The things couples concoct when planning a wedding are fascinating. Don’t overdo it. DIY planning can be beneficial and may save some dough in the long-run, but do you really want to tie three hundred miniature ribbons around the bubble bottles? Pick a couple of items that you are crazy about and spend your energy on those, then delegate the rest. Your time is a commodity, don’t spread yourself too thin. Instead, focus on creating a fabulous wedding night for your new hubby! He’ll thank you…in one way or another.

Ladies remember, you and your fiancé will appreciate you not becoming wedding-obsessed. Following these few tips, along with hiring good personnel and an all-inclusive entertainment company like DnA Entertainment, will assure you a worry free and relaxed experience all the way to your wedding day.

For additional tips on how to plan the wedding of your dreams or how to find out what’s the best match for you entertainment needs, contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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